Applicants seeking permission from GEAC are requested to submit their applications online through the GEAC website. There are two online platforms:

1. E-Application System for receiving and processing of applications: Applicants can submit applications for various activities viz confined field trials, environmental approvals, import etc. The status of submitted applications can be viewed online.

Download User Manual User Manual for e-Application System

2. E-Monitoring System for Confined Field Trials (CFTs) of Genetically Engineered (GE) Plants: Applicants who have got permissions for CFTs of GE plants can submit documents and fill recording formats online for ensuring regulatory compliance. This online system has been developed in accordance with the “Guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for conduct of CFTs of regulated GE plants, 2008”.

The e-monitoring system is to supplement existing mechanisms and doesn’t replace any compliance requirements or monitoring process.

Download User Manual User Manual for e-Monitoring System for CFTs of GE plants.

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